also called  Mijikenda, or Nika,  

      any of several Northeast Bantu-speaking peoples including the Digo, who live along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania south from Mombasa to Pangani; the Giryama, who live north of Mombasa; and the Duruma, Jibana, Rabai, Ribe, Chonyi, Kaura, and Kambe, who live in the arid bush steppe (Swahili: nyika) west of the Digo and Giryama. All Nyika speak a Bantu language; some have taken over Swahili, once their second language, as a first language. Nyika society shows evidence of significant Arab influence.

      The Nyika subsist primarily by means of agriculture, growing a variety of crops. Animal husbandry is of considerable importance, especially among the Duruma. Fishing holds a prominent place in the economy of the Digo. All Nyika peoples engage extensively in trade.

      Polygyny is general, and a substantial bride-price is expected. Most of these peoples trace their descent through the male line, although the Digo, the Duruma, and the Rabai trace descent through both the male and the female lines. They are organized into a number of clans, and the men in the clans into a system of age grades. Position in this system—a cycling type—determines a man's responsibilities. Traditionally the Nyika were ruled by elders deriving authority from their age grade and their rank in secret societies.

      Many Nyika are Muslims, some are Christian, and perhaps a quarter retain traditional beliefs. There is widespread belief in ancestral spirits who are thought to require ritual pacification.

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