Nubian languages

Nubian languages

      group of languages spoken in The Sudan (Sudan, The) and southern Egypt, chiefly along the banks of the Nile River (where Nobiin and Kenzi [Kenuzi] are spoken) but also in enclaves in the Nuba Hills of central Sudan (Hill Nubian) and in Darfur (where Birked [Birgid] and Midob [Midobi] are spoken). These languages are now considered to be a part of the Nilo-Saharan language family (Nilo-Saharan languages).

      The name Nuba (or one of its variants) is already attested for Old Egyptian, the language of the Pharaonic period in Egyptian history, where a root nb occurred. Nubai was mentioned as an ethnonym by the Greek geographer and astronomer Eratosthenes of Cyrene in the 3rd century BC to denote the inhabitants of the Nile valley south of Aswān in what are today southern Egypt and northern Sudan. This region, as mentioned above, continues to support peoples who speak so-called Nile Nubian.

      Documents in Old Nubian, which appears to be the ancestor of modern Central Nubian, date from the end of the 8th century to the beginning of the 14th century. These are usually translations of Christian writings originally in Greek and are written, as is modern Nubian, in an adaptation of the Coptic alphabet.

      Among the earliest records of any African language is an Italian-Nubian word list collected in Egypt about 1635 by Arcangelo Carradori, a Franciscan monk, and based on the Nile Nubian Kenzi and Nobiin dialects. With Midob and Birked, the Nile Nubian languages probably represent ancient instances of linguistic dispersion.

      The intrusion of Hill Nubian into the Nuba Hills, however, is more recent. During the Arab destruction of the Nubian kingdoms between the 13th and 16th centuries, some of the Nubian groups dispersed to the hill country of Kordofan, central Sudan, taking with them their speech and their name. By extension, the name Nubii (or variants of this name) came to be used to designate other peoples of this region. The variant name Nuba is therefore primarily a geographic term referring to the inhabitants of what are now known as the Nuba Hills. Historically, however, the name is inaccurate in view of the diversity of languages and cultures that the inhabitants of these hills present; these groups are in no way homogeneous.

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