also spelled  Nō Rūz , or  Nō-Rūz 

      the New Year festival often associated with Zoroastrianism and Parsiism. The festival is celebrated in many countries, including Iran, Iraq, India, and Afghanistan. It usually begins on March 21, which in many of these countries is the first day of the new year.

      Among the Parsis, the Nōrūz (“New Day”) is a celebration that warrants the performance of five prescribed liturgies: the Āfringān, prayers of love or praise; the Bāj, prayers honouring yazatas (“ones worthy of worship”) or fravashis (“preexistent souls”); the Yasna, a rite that includes the offering and ritual drinking of the sacred liquor haoma; the Fravartigan, or Farokhshi, prayers commemorating the dead; and the Satum, prayers recited at funeral feasts. Throughout the day, Parsis greet one another with the rite of hamāzor, in which one's right hand is passed between the palms of another. Words of greeting and good wishes are then exchanged.

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