No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind

▪ United States education [2001]
in full  No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 

      U.S. federal law aimed at improving public primary (elementary education) and secondary (secondary education) schools, and thus student performance, via increased accountability for schools, school districts, and states. The act was passed by Congress (Congress of the United States) with bipartisan support in December 2001 and signed into law by Pres. George W. Bush (Bush, George W.) in January 2002.

      NCLB introduced significant changes in the curriculum of public primary and secondary schools in the United States and dramatically increased federal regulation of state school systems. Under the law, states were required to administer yearly tests of the reading and mathematics skills of public school students and to demonstrate adequate progress toward raising the scores of all students to a level defined as “proficient” or higher. Teachers were also required to meet higher standards for certification. Schools that failed to meet their goals would be subject to gradually increasing sanctions, eventually including replacement of staff or closure.

      Supporters of NCLB cited its initial success in increasing the test scores of minority students, who historically performed at lower levels than white students. Indeed, in the 2000 presidential campaign Bush touted the proposed law as a remedy for what he called “the soft bigotry of low expectations” faced by the children of minorities. Critics, however, complained that the federal government was not providing enough funding to implement the law's requirements and that it had usurped the states's traditional control of education as provided for in the Constitution. Moreover, they charged that the law was actually eroding the quality of education by forcing schools to “teach to the test” while neglecting other parts of the curriculum, such as history, social science, and art.

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Frederick M. Hess and Michael J. Petrilli, No Child Left Behind (2006); Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West, No Child Left Behind?: The Politics and Practice of School Accountability (2003).Jeannette Nolen Brian Duignan

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