Naryshkina, Natalya Kirillovna

Naryshkina, Natalya Kirillovna

▪ Russian regent
born 1651, Russia
died 1694, Moscow

      second wife of Tsar Alexis of Russia and mother of Peter I the Great. After Alexis' death she became the centre of a political faction devoted to placing Peter on the Russian throne.

      The daughter of the provincial nobleman Kirill Naryshkin, Natalya married the tsar in 1671. After she gave birth to Peter, Natalya and her relatives and associates increased their political influence.

      Immediately after Alexis' death, Natalya's adherents, known as the Naryshkin party, tried to obtain the throne for Peter. But Fyodor, the eldest son of Alexis by his first wife, succeeded his father, and the Naryshkin party lost influence to Fyodor's maternal relatives, the Miloslavsky family. Nevertheless, during Fyodor's reign (1676–82), Natalya, though living in relative obscurity, gained the additional support of the patriarch of Moscow, Ioakim, and of many boyar and gentry families.

      When Fyodor died, Ioakim bypassed Ivan (Ivan V), the late tsar's brother, and secured the throne for Peter, naming Natalya regent (April 1682). But the Miloslavsky family, claiming the throne for Ivan, encouraged the streltsy (sovereign's bodyguard), who were the only organized armed force in Moscow, to revolt. After several members of the Naryshkin family had been killed, the Naryshkin party submitted and recognized Ivan V and Peter as corulers, with Ivan as the senior tsar and his sister Sophia as regent for both youths.

      During the period of Sophia's regency (1682–89), Natalya and Peter were effectively confined to Preobrazhenskoye, and the Naryshkin family was again excluded from governmental affairs. But in 1689, when Sophia apparently tried to seize the throne in her own name, the Naryshkins rallied their supporters and forced her to yield the throne to Peter (September 1689). Subsequently, until Peter assumed personal control over the government in 1694, Natalya, aided by her brother Lev and Patriarch Ioakim, played the major role in the Muscovite government.

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