▪ king of Siam
born December 1632
died July 11, 1688, Lop Buri, Siam [now Thailand]

      king of Siam (1656–88), who was best known for his efforts in foreign affairs and whose court produced the first “golden age” of Thai literature.

      Narai was a son of King Prasat Thong by a queen who was a daughter of King Song Tham, and he came to the throne after violent palace upheavals had cut short the reigns of his elder brother and his uncle. He was an effective ruler who dealt successfully with Siam's traditional Southeast Asian rivals and was ambitious to thrust his kingdom onto the stage of world politics. Anxious to break the domination of the Dutch East India Company over Siam's external trade, his officers—including Chinese, Persians, and Englishmen—developed trade with Japan and India, and Narai sought to develop contacts with the British East India Company and the French. In the 1680s, when the British proved uninterested in competing with the Dutch in Siam, Narai committed himself to seeking an alliance with the French.

      Narai's flirtations with the French were encouraged by the Greek adventurer Constantine Phaulkon (Phaulkon, Constantine), who became his chief minister and adviser. Thai diplomatic missions were sent to King Louis XIV of France in 1680, 1684, and 1686; and, encouraged by Phaulkon to hope for territorial concessions and even Narai's conversion to Christianity, the French sent increasingly large delegations to Siam in 1682, 1685, and 1687—the last including 600 soldiers in six warships. Though expecting the French to be satisfied with the cession of distant Songkhla, Narai was forced to accept their occupation of Bangkok. Anti-French and anti-Phaulkon sentiment ran high, and, when Narai's health began to fail, leading figures at court arranged the execution of Phaulkon and, following Narai's death, the expulsion of the French.

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