▪ Indian poet
born 1270?, Narasi, India
died 1350?, Pandharpur, Bahmani

      leading poet-saint of the Indian medieval period, who wrote in the Marathi language.

      Namdev was the son of a tailor and thus of low caste. As a youth, he was a member of a gang, but he was overcome with remorse one day on hearing the lamentations of a woman whose husband he had killed. Following a vision of the god Vishnu, Namdev turned to a life of devotion and became the foremost exponent of the Varkari Panth (the “Pilgrims' Path”). The school is known for its expression of bhakti (devotion) and for its freedom from caste restrictions in a religious setting.

      Namdev wrote a number of abhangas (hymns). He was extremely popular in Maharashtra and in the Punjab, some of his verses are included in the Adi Granth (Ādi Granth) (“First Volume”), the sacred scriptures of Sikhism. Namdev inspired a tradition of devotional poetry that continued in Maharashtra for four centuries, culminating in the works of the great devotional poet Tukaram (Tukārām).

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