also spelled  Nambikwara  or  Nambikuára 

      South American Indian people of the northern Mato Grosso (Mato Grosso Plateau). Once estimated at more than 20,000, the population was devastated by introduced diseases; it had grown to more than 1,000 individuals by the early 21st century. Their language is apparently unrelated to any other.

      Nambicuara subsistence patterns vary according to the season. In the dry season bands engage in hunting and gathering, spending each night in a different place. In the rainy season temporary settlements are set up in the gallery forests, and slash-and-burn agriculture is carried on.

       polygyny is practiced by the chief of a village and other important men, usually with several sisters or with a woman and her daughters by a previous husband. Cotton is spun and woven to make bands and belts, although neither men nor women wear clothing.

      The Nambicuara believe in spirits connected with natural forces. A leading role is played by the shaman, who has the power to cure sickness and to communicate with spirits.

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