▪ extinct mammal genus
      extinct genus of ground sloth (xenarthran) found as fossils (fossil) in South American deposits of the Pleistocene Epoch (1.8 million to11,800 years ago). Mylodon attained a length of about 3 metres (10 feet). Its skin contained numerous bony parts that offered some protection against the attacks of predators; however, Mylodon remains found in cave deposits in association with human artifacts suggest that people hunted and ate them.

      Mylodon probably subsisted on the foliage of trees and shrubs. Well-developed claws were probably used to dig up tubers (tuber) or to hold branches while the animal stripped them of leaves. Mylodon and its relatives were the dominant group of South American ground sloths (sloth); they are distinguished from other ground sloths by the presence of upper canine teeth (canine tooth), triangular cheek teeth, and a small first toe on the hind limbs. Two closely related genera, Paramylodon and Glossotherium, were widely distributed and even spread into many regions of North America.

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