Muqannaʿ, al-

Muqannaʿ, al-

▪ Arabian religious leader
(Arabic: “The Veiled One”),byname of  Hāshim Ibn Ḥākim  
died 779

      religious leader, originally a fuller (cloth processor) from Merv, in Khorāsān, who led a revolt in that province against the ʿAbbāsid (Abbāsid Dynastyʿ) caliph al-Mahdī. Preaching a doctrine combining elements of Islām and Zoroastrianism, al-Muquannaʿ carried on warfare for about three years in the field and for two years longer in his fortress of Sanam before he was eventually defeated and committed suicide. He was the hero of the narrative poem Lalla Rookh (1817) by Thomas Moore.

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