Moore, Marianne

Moore, Marianne

▪ American poet
in full  Marianne Craig Moore 
born Nov. 15, 1887, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.
died Feb. 5, 1972, New York, N.Y.

      American poet whose work distilled moral and intellectual insights from the close and accurate observation of objective detail.

      Moore graduated from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania in 1909 as a biology major and then studied commercial subjects and taught them at the U.S. Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Her first published work appeared in 1915 in the Egoist and in Harriet Monroe (Monroe, Harriet)'s Poetry magazine. After 1919, living in Brooklyn, New York, with her mother, Moore devoted herself to writing, contributing poetry and criticism to many journals in the United States and England.

      In 1921 her first book, Poems, was published in London by Hilda Doolittle (Doolittle, Hilda) and Winifred Ellerman (byname Bryher). Her first American volume was titled Observations (1924). These initial collections exhibited Moore's conciseness and her ability to create a mosaic of juxtaposed images that lead unerringly to a conclusion that, at its best, is both surprising and inevitable. They contain some of her best-known poems, including “To a Steam Roller,” “The Fish,” “When I Buy Pictures,” “Peter,” “The Labors of Hercules,” and “Poetry.” The last named is the source of her often-quoted admonition that poets should present imaginary gardens with real toads in them.

      In 1925—already well known as one of the leading new poets—she became acting editor of The Dial, an influential American journal of literature and arts, and she remained with The Dial until it was discontinued in 1929. Moore's Collected Poems appeared in 1951. She also published a translation of The Fables of La Fontaine (1954); a volume of critical papers, Predilections (1955); and Idiosyncrasy and Technique: Two Lectures (1958).

      A disciplined craftsman, Moore won the admiration of fellow poets throughout her long career. The poet and critic T.S. Eliot (Eliot, T.S.) called her one of the few producers of durable poetry in her time.

Additional Reading
The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore, ed. by Bonnie Costello, Celeste Goodridge, and Cristanne Miller (1997), collects a wide-ranging set of her correspondence. Works of biography and criticism include Laurence Stapleton, Marianne Moore: The Poet's Advance (1978); Bonnie Costello, Marianne Moore (1981); Margaret Holley, The Poetry of Marianne Moore (1987); Charles Molesworth, Marianne Moore: A Literary Life (1990); and Linda Leavell, Marianne Moore and the Visual Arts (1995).

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