Montreal Aquarium

Montreal Aquarium

French  Aquarium De Montréal,  

      municipally owned aquarium located on St.-Helen's Island, Montreal, Can. It was built in 1966 for Expo 67, an international exhibition that was held in the city. The aquarium complex consists of two large buildings, one of which contains exhibits of marine and freshwater fishes and invertebrates. The other building is exclusively for marine mammals. The aquarium's fish collection is composed of approximately 2,000 specimens of more than 250 species. This diversity permits a wide range of specialty exhibits featuring various types of aquatic habitats. There is also a major coral reef display with appropriate fishes and invertebrates, as well as a unique penguin display consisting of a circular pool surrounded by glass plates that permit an underwater view of the swimming birds. (The interior of the tank simulates an ice and rock coastline of Antarctica.) The aquarium sponsors educational programs for students and is used for scientific research.

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