Miltiades The Elder

Miltiades The Elder

▪ Athenian statesman

flourished 6th century BC

      Athenian statesman who founded an Athenian colony in the Thracian Chersonese (Chersonese, Thracian) (now Gallipoli Peninsula).

      Born into the aristocratic family of the Philaids, Miltiades is said to have opposed the tyrant Peisistratus. He founded his colony in the Chersonese at the request of the native Dolonci and fortified the territory by building a wall across the peninsula. He was succeeded as tyrant in the Chersonese by Stesagoras, son of his half-brother Cimon. Miltiades was the uncle of Miltiades, the victor of Marathon. See also Chersonese, Thracian.

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