Milo of Croton

Milo of Croton

▪ Greek athlete
Milo also spelled  Milon 
flourished 6th century BC

      Greek athlete who was the most renowned wrestler in antiquity. His name is still proverbial for extraordinary strength.

      A greatly honoured native of Croton (now Crotone, Calabria), an Achaean Greek colony in southern Italy, Milo led the Crotoniate army to victory over the Sybarites (Greeks from Sybaris, also in southern Italy) about 510 BC. In six Olympic Games and in seven Pythian Games (both events held quadrennially), Milo won the wrestling championship; in these and other Greek national games, he won 32 wrestling competitions. According to legend, Milo trained by carrying a calf daily from its birth until it became a full-sized ox. He is also said to have carried an ox on his shoulders through the stadium at Olympia. According to the traditional account of his death, the aging Milo tried to tear apart with his hands a tree that had been split with a wedge; the wedge fell out and the tree closed on one hand, holding him captive until he was attacked and devoured by wolves.

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