Mercoeur, Philippe-Emmanuel de Lorraine, Duke de

Mercoeur, Philippe-Emmanuel de Lorraine, Duke de

▪ French prince
born Sept. 9, 1558, Nomény, France
died Feb. 19, 1602, Nürnberg [Germany]

      prince who led the resistance in Brittany against King Henry IV of France when that monarch was trying to consolidate his kingdom.

      Philippe was the son of Nicolas de Lorraine, who became Duke de Mercoeur in 1569, and was a half brother to Louise de Vaudémont, wife of Henry III of France. He succeeded to his father's duchy in 1577. Mercoeur served as governor of Brittany from 1582, but after Henry III had his cousins of the house of Guise assassinated in 1588, Philippe rebelled; when Henry III was himself assassinated (1589), Mercoeur rallied most of Roman Catholic Brittany against the Protestant Henry IV.

      Mercoeur set up a parlement (high court) of his own at Nantes and put forward his son Philippe as “prince and duke of Brittany.” Spain sent 7,000 men to help Mercoeur in October 1590, but England sent troops and ships against him. Mercoeur won a victory at Craon in Anjou in 1592 but lost ground in the years following Henry's conversion to Roman Catholicism (1593). Mercoeur at last submitted, received 4,000,000 livres, and agreed that his daughter and eventual heiress, Françoise, should marry Henry's illegitimate son César, Duke de Vendôme. Mercoeur then served with the army of the Holy Roman emperor Rudolf II against the Turks in Hungary and died of a fever on his way back to France. Two volumes of his Correspondance were published in 1899.

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