Meletius of Lycopolis

Meletius of Lycopolis

▪ Egyptian bishop
flourished 4th century

      bishop of Lycopolis, in Upper Egypt, near Thebes, who formed an ascetic, schismatic Christian church holding a rigorous attitude in readmitting apostates who had compromised their faith during pagan persecutions, particularly the violent repression decreed by the Eastern Roman emperor Diocletian (AD 284–305).

      For presuming to ordain clergy and bishops for Christian communities deprived of their pastors by the general persecution, Meletius was deposed about 306 by Peter, bishop of Alexandria, who formerly had fled arrest and whom Meletius charged with abandoning the community of the faithful. Meletius, however, was accused of fomenting discord by his criticism of the light penances imposed by Peter on “lapsed” Christians. When the persecution was resumed in 308 by the Eastern Roman emperors Galerius and Maximinus, Meletius was condemned to the mines in Palestine, and on his return, in 311, with his prestige enhanced by the title of “confessor” for having endured punishing exile, he was excommunicated by Peter after refusing to abdicate his jurisdiction and ministerial authority. Several of Peter's own clergy sided with Meletius, considering the penalty outrageous. The Council of Nicaea in 325 ruled on the schism and restricted Meletius' jurisdiction.

      On Athanasius' (Athanasius, Saint) accession as bishop of Alexandria in 328, Meletius, accompanied by Arians and a community of Coptic (Egyptian Christian) followers terming themselves the “church of the martyrs,” went into permanent schism. After his death his followers pursued an ascetic, monastic regimen that endured probably to the 8th century.

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