Malwa Plateau

Malwa Plateau

      plateau region in north-central India. It is bounded by the Madhya Bharat Plateau and Bundelkhand Upland to the north, the Vindhya Range to the east and south, and the Gujarat Plains to the west. Of volcanic origin, the plateau comprises central Madhya Pradesh state and southeastern Rajasthan (Rājasthān) state. The name Malwa is derived from the Sanskrit malav (part of the abode of Laksmi [goddess of wealth]). The plateau was ruled successively by the Maurya, Gupta, and Paramara dynasties; many Buddhist temples and monuments (e.g., the stupas at Sanchi (Sānchi)), noted for their architecture and sculpture, were built during that time. The plateau was conquered by the Muslims in 1390 CE and became part of the Maratha empire. In 1817 it passed to the British.

      The Malwa Plateau ranges in elevation from about 1,650 to 2,000 feet (500 to 600 metres); erosion has carved the ancient lava flows into isolated mesas found throughout the plateau, together with an occasional sandstone hill. The western part of the region is drained by the Mahi River, the middle section by the Chambal River, and the eastern part by the Betwa River and the headwaters of the Dhasan and Ken rivers. Other rivers include the Parbati, Sipra, Gambhir, and Choti Kali Sindh, their valleys flanked by terraced slopes. Vegetation is of the savanna type with scattered teak and sal (Shorea robusta) forests.

      The regional economy is mostly agricultural; cereal grains, pulses (legumes), oilseeds, and cotton are the main crops. Industries produce cotton textiles, ginned cotton, sugar, vegetable oil, lumber, and paper. The Chambal Valley Development Scheme provides water for irrigation and hydroelectric power. Ratlam has ceramic factories, Bhopal and Ujjain have engineering industries, and Indore has a foundry. Many trunk roads pass through the region. There are airports at Indore and Bhopal.

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