Malplaquet, Battle of

Malplaquet, Battle of

▪ European history
      (Sept. 11, 1709), the duke of Marlborough's (Marlborough, John Churchill, 1st Duke of, Marquess Of Blandford, Earl Of Marlborough, Baron Churchill Of Sandridge, Lord Churchill Of Eyemouth, Reichsfürst) last great battle in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–14). It was fought near the village of Malplaquet (now on the French side of the Franco-Belgian border), about 10 miles (16 km) south of Mons.

      The battle was between an Anglo-Dutch-Austrian army of 100,000 men under the duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene Of Savoy, and a French army of 90,000 men under the marshal Claude-Louis-Hector, duc de Villars, and the marshal Louis-François, duc de Boufflers. The Allies began a siege of the fortress of Mons on September 4, and the French tried to break this siege by concentrating and entrenching nearby, at Malplaquet. The Allies were forced to attack to remove this threat to the siege operation. Marlborough and Eugene planned infantry attacks against the French flanks to force them to weaken their centre, which would then be charged and broken by the 30,000-man Allied cavalry. The plan was finally successful but only at the cost of very heavy losses. Desperate tree-to-tree infantry fighting, deadly French artillery fire, and repeated French cavalry counterattacks caused the Allies to suffer 22,000 killed and wounded to the 12,000 losses suffered by the French. The French withdrew in good order, and the Allies continued the siege of Mons, which they captured on October 26.

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