Mahmud Nedim Paşa

Mahmud Nedim Paşa

▪ Ottoman vizier

born c. 1818
died May 14, 1883, Constantinople

      Ottoman diplomat and grand vizier (served 1871–72 and 1875–76) whose conservative policies and hostility to reforms permitted Sultan Abdülaziz to become an absolute monarch and thereby destroyed the westernizing reforms introduced by his predecessors.

      Son of a former governor of Baghdad, Mahmud Nedim held a succession of governorships and ministries. His first tenure as grand vizier came to an end after widespread demonstrations by theological students in Constantinople and after the reform-minded administrator Midhat Paşa (Midhat Pasha) personally opposed his policies before the Sultan.

      By 1875, Mahmud Nedim was basing all his decisions on the advice of Count Nikolay Ignatyev (Ignatyev, Nikolay Pavlovich, Graf), the Russian ambassador to the Ottoman court. After rebellion in Bulgaria occasioned by Ignatyev's intrigues, Mahmud Nedim became so unpopular that threats were made against his life, and the Sultan had to dismiss him to mollify public opinion.

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