Maeda Family

Maeda Family

▪ Japanese family
      the daimyo, or lords, of Kaga Province (now part of Ishikawa Prefecture) in central Japan, whose domain was second only to that controlled by the powerful Tokugawa family.

      Having become the dominant warrior family in west-central Japan sometime before the 16th century, the Maeda gained national prominence, as well as enlarged domains, when Maeda Toshiie (1538–99), head of the clan, allied himself with the great warrior Oda Nobunaga in his effort to reunify Japan after more than a century of civil unrest. Upon Oda's death Toshiie allied with his successor, the famed Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Before Hideyoshi died (in 1598), he appointed Maeda Toshiie as one of five regents to govern for his infant son, Hideyori.

      When trouble developed among the five co-regents, Toshiie's son, Maeda Toshinaga (1562–1614), sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was attempting to usurp the central power. As a reward for their services at the Battle of Sekigahara (Oct. 20, 1600), from which the Tokugawa emerged as the dominant power in Japan, the Maeda domains were considerably expanded. In terms of total taxable income, their feudal fief was second only to that of the Tokugawas, although there were other more extensive fiefs in the less fertile outlying areas.

      As one of the earliest allies of the Tokugawas, the Maeda continued to maintain amicable relations with them throughout the period of Tokugawa rule, and the children of the two houses frequently intermarried. Unlike other han, or fiefs, the Maeda territories were never reduced, nor did the Maeda family participate in the growing opposition to Tokugawa rule in the mid-19th century. Members of the Maeda domain therefore had little influence in the new government that was established after the overthrow of the Tokugawas in 1868.

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