Madrid, Treaty of

Madrid, Treaty of

▪ European history [1526]
      (Jan. 14, 1526), treaty between the Habsburg emperor Charles V (Charles I of Spain) and his prisoner Francis I, king of France, who had been captured during the Battle of Pavia in February 1525 and held prisoner until the conclusion of the treaty.

      In the treaty, which was never ratified, the king of France ceded his lands in Italy, Flanders, Artois, and Tournai as well as parts of France to Charles V and contracted the marriage of his sister to Charles. The final signing of the treaty occurred in Madrid on Jan. 14, 1526, and Francis was released and allowed to return to France. On crossing the border, he announced his refusal to ratify the treaty and entered into the League of Cognac, the intent of which was to dethrone Charles V.

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