lynx spider

lynx spider

 any of several groups of active spiders (spider) (order Araneida) that do not build a nest or web but capture their prey by pouncing upon them. Lynx spiders are distributed worldwide and in North America are most common in southern regions. The eyes are arranged in a hexagon, and the abdomen usually tapers to a point. Lynx spiders are usually found on vegetation, seeking insect prey.

      The green lynx (Peucetia viridans) hunts prey on vegetation and flowers and can adjust its body colour to match the background. Females in this species also construct a silk retreat in which they suspend the egg sac. Females then guard the eggs and young spiders in this retreat.

      Some authorities believe that lynx spiders, although active hunters, are closely related to the orb-weaving spiders (orb weaver) (family Araneidae) on the basis of body characteristics.

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