lü pipes

lü pipes

      (Chinese : “law”), ancient Chinese musical instruments constructed for tuning purposes. To establish pitches, 12 bamboo pipes, closed at one end, were cut into graduated lengths. When blown across their open ends, they produced the lü, or fundamental pitches, of the octave. These pipes should not be confused with the panpipe, or paixiao.

      The Chinese were the first to develop a comprehensive music theory, and the pipes embody their ideas. According to legend, Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor, sent the minister Ling Lun to find bamboo tubes to use for tuning pipes. Ling Lun cut one to an auspicious length and called it the huangzhong (“yellow bell”), the fundamental tuning pitch. To create the succeeding pitches he was said to have listened to the calls of the fenghuang birds and then cut the pipes accordingly. In fact, the generation of the 12 pitches was straightforward. Given a first pipe length, the second was cut according to a ratio of 3:2, which produced a pitch a fifth higher (e.g., C up to G); the next would be cut at a ratio of 3:4 to the second, a fourth below (e.g., G down to D). The so-called overblown fifths series would continue, up a fifth, down a fourth, until all 12 pitches were generated. The practical problem with such a system is that the perfect octave (a 2:1 ratio) never results—although the 13th pitch is close to an octave above the 1st. In pitch systems for actual performance, slight adjustments would have to be made (see tuning and temperament).

      Archaeological excavations have discovered several pipes in ancient tombs. At a site in Hubei province dating from the Warring States period (475–221 BC), some broken pipes were found, four of them marked with pitch names. A tomb in Hunan province dating from the 2nd century BC held a complete set of pipes, kept in individual pockets of a silk pouch and marked with pitch names; because the pitch names were incorrect, scholars have concluded that the pipes were meant as burial objects.

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