Lewis and Clark Caverns

Lewis and Clark Caverns

      limestone cave in Jefferson county, southwestern Montana, U.S. It lies 47 miles (76 km) east of Butte, near the confluence of the Madison and Missouri rivers, and is the focus of a state park. Though the cave is named for Meriwether Lewis (Lewis, Meriwether) and William Clark (Clark, William), the intrepid explorers—who twice passed nearby—were apparently unaware of its presence. One of the largest caves known in the Northwest, Lewis and Clark Caverns was discovered at the turn of the 20th century by hunters. Dan Morrison, a prospector and investor began to develop the cave and publicize it as “Limespur Cave,” a rival to Kentucky's Mammoth Cave. Northern Pacific, believing itself the rightful owner of the land, sued Morrison and won, turning the land over to the federal government. A defiant Morrison continued to fight the decision until his death in 1932. The land was eventually transferred to the state park system and in 1937 Lewis and Clark Caverns became part of Montana's first state park.

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