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 extinct genus of tree-sized lycopsid plants (plant) that lived during the Carboniferous Period (360 to 300 million years ago). Lepidodendron and its relatives—Lepidophloios, Bothrodendron, and Paralycopodites—were related to modern club mosses (club moss). They grew up to 40 metres (130 feet) in height and 2 metres (about 7 feet) in diameter. During their juvenile stages, these plants grew as unbranched trunks with a shock of long, thin leaves (leaf) that sprouted near the growing tip. They branched at later stages, either in even dichotomies at the growing tip or in lateral branches that were later shed. After branching, the leaves became shorter and awl-shaped. As the plant grew, it shed leaves from older parts of the stem that left diamond-shaped leaf bases. Stems were characterized by a slender central strand of wood and a thick bark. Since Stigmaria—the underground parts of the plant—resembled stems, they are not considered true roots (root). The shape of leaf bases and the arrangement of their vascular strands distinguish the different genera within the group of arborescent lycopsids.

      Lepidodendron and its relatives reproduced by spores (spore), with megaspores giving rise to the female (egg-producing) gametophyte and microspores giving rise to the male (sperm-producing) gametophyte. Lepidophloios wrapped its megasporangium in a layer of tissue much like that of the seed plants. This feature, however, was independently derived in the lycopsid lineage. In some genera, spore-bearing cones (cone) were produced at the tips of branches, suggesting that the plants could reproduce only once in their lifetime. Lepidodendron and its relatives lived in the extensive peat-forming swamps of the Early and Middle Pennsylvanian epochs (Pennsylvanian Subperiod) (318 to 306 million years ago) and became extinct when these swamps disappeared.

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