Kusumi Morikage

Kusumi Morikage

▪ Japanese painter

born 1610?, Edo [now Tokyo], Japan
died 1700

      Japanese painter of the early Tokugawa period (1603–1867) who excelled in painting farmers and common people.

      Little is known of Kusumi's life, but a number of his paintings are extant, of which “Enjoying the Evening Cool Under a Gourd Trellis” and “Landscape Screen Depicting the Uji Bridge” are the most famous. He was one of the four best pupils of Kanō Tanyū (1602–74) of the Kanō school, which was founded in the 15th century and became the official school of painting in Japan under the strong influence of classical Chinese paintings, in particular of the Sung dynasty. Kusumi is said, however, to have been expelled by his teacher. He did not confine himself to the frequently formal and rigid style of the Kanō school but developed a more fluid and vivid way of painting. He also departed from the traditional way of rendering Chinese farming scenes and painted the actual life and customs of Japanese farmers.

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