Kose Kanaoka

Kose Kanaoka

▪ Japanese painter

born 802?
died 897?, Japan

      first major secular artist in Japan. Information concerning his life and works is sketchy, and his last documented painting was destroyed by fire in the 17th century.

      Active during the formative days of the aristocratic culture of the Heian period (794–1185), he was reputed to have moved beyond Chinese-inspired subject matter and techniques and to have forged a new style of painting that was uniquely Japanese. As the scion of an aristocratic family, he held court rank and the office of director of the imperial garden. As a painter, he excelled in landscapes, portraits of officials, and animals. It is said that his lines, although thin and delicate, possessed much strength and vitality and that his horses and dragons were so realistic that they seemed to come to life and escape from the paintings. While there are no extant paintings that can be positively identified as his work, his name is so esteemed that many paintings of merit have been attributed to him, including the famed portrait of Sugawara Michizane, a contemporary scholar-statesman.

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