Kōmeitō, New

Kōmeitō, New

English  New Clean Government Party , formerly  Kōmeitō 

      Japanese political party that was founded in 1964 as the political wing of the Buddhist lay movement Sōka-gakkai.

      After the 1962 elections to the upper house of the Japanese Diet, Sōka-gakkai members held 15 seats and replaced the Democratic Socialist Party as the party or group with the third largest representation. In 1964 Kōmeitō was founded, and in July 1965 the Sōka-gakkai–Kōmeitō representation in the upper house increased to 20. In its first lower-house elections in 1967, Kōmeitō won 25 seats; by 1979 it had more than doubled its representation to 57 seats. By 1990 its representation dropped to 45 seats; however, after the ruling Liberal Democratic Party was beset by scandals in 1993, Kōmeitō won 51 seats. In the following year it merged with several opposition parties as the New Frontier Party, which dissolved in 1997. In 1998 Kōmeitō merged with the New Peace Party to become New Kōmeitō. In the elections of 2000 New Kōmeitō captured only 31 seats. In subsequent elections in 2003 and 2005, it garnered about the same level of support, winning 34 and 31 seats, respectively, and solidifying itself as Japan's third largest party. It advocates “humanitarian socialism,” an open, independent foreign policy, and, among other things, the gradual abolition of the Japan-U.S. security treaty.

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