Kōami Family

Kōami Family

▪ Japanese artists

flourished 19th century

      Japanese lacquerware artists who were eminent for 19 generations in the Muromachi, Azuchi-Momoyama, and Tokugawa periods.

      Michinaga (1410–78) was a personal attendant to the military ruler Ashikaga Yoshimasa and excelled in two techniques of lacquer design. The takamaki-e technique consists of building decorative motifs with a mixture of lacquer putty, white lead, lampblack, camphor, and gold or silver foil in relief against a lacquer ground. In the togidashi (togidashi maki-e) method the decorative motif is drawn in lacquer, sprinkled with gold or silver flakes, and covered with a thin, translucent lacquer that is then baked and highly polished to bring out the underlying design. Michinaga is said to have started the practice of modeling the designs on paintings by such well-known artists as Kanō Motonobu, Sōami, and Nōami.

      His son Michikiyo (1433–1500) created his own designs for decorating the lacquered household furnishings of the emperor Tsuchimikado II (reigned 1465–1500). The family's fortunes declined briefly after the Tokugawa campaigns of 1614–15 had destroyed Ōsaka Castle but revived when a member of the eighth generation established in Edo (now Tokyo) a lacquerware school that lasted over 300 years. The family reputation peaked in 1637, when a member of the 10th generation, Nagashige (1599–1651), made what is deemed by some the finest piece of Japanese lacquerware in existence: a set of stands presented as a wedding gift to the daughter of the military ruler Tokugawa Iemitsu.

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