▪ mountains, Japan
      (Japanese: Kitami Range), mountain range, northeastern Hokkaido, Japan, extending 180 mi (290 km) along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. The range is basically an upwarped block except in the west, where it drops abruptly to the Teshio-gawa (Teshio River) valley. Elevations are generally between 2,500 and 3,100 ft (750 and 950 m). In the south central part of the range, however, the Wenshiri horst (block of the Earth's crust set off by faults) protrudes above the surrounding area and is crowned by Teshio-dake (Mt. Teshio; 5,115 ft).

      The highest elevations occur in the southwest, where the erosion remnant of Ishikari-dake reaches 6,500 ft. Recent volcanoes that rest upon the mountains west of Ishikari-dake include Asahi-dake (7,510 ft), the highest peak in Hokkaido. The volcanic group and Ishikari-dake give rise to the headwaters of the Ishikari-gawa, which flows to the Sea of Japan, and the Tokachi-gawa, which flows to the Pacific. Unlike most other mountains in Japan, the Kitami-sammyaku displays a subdued form characterized by coarse-textured slopes and wide, open valleys. Many erosion surfaces are developed in step formation, as are those of Teshio-dake.

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