Kantō Range

Kantō Range

▪ mountains, Japan
also spelled  Kwanto Range,  Japanese  Kantō-sammyaku, 

      mountain range, on Honshu, Japan, lying to the west of the Kantō Plain. Extending 80 miles (130 km) from north to south and 50 miles (80 km) from east to west, it forms the physical division between Kantō region (chihō; east) and Chūbu region (west).

      Geologically the range displays crystalline schists and Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Tertiary formations, which are zonally arranged from north to south. The Kantō Range joins with the Akaishi Range in the west.

      The range may be divided into two distinct sections, which are separated by the Katsura River, a tributary of the Sagami River. The Chichibu Mountains in the north are the highest mountains of northeastern Japan, containing Mount Kimpō, which rises to 8,514 feet (2,595 m). The mountains are dissected by narrow, canyonlike valleys and are dominated by steep slopes. River terraces provide habitable regions in the interior. The intermontane basin of Chichibu, near the eastern limit of the range, has been an important settlement area throughout Japanese history.

      The southern section of the Kantō Range is composed of the mountains associated with Mount Tanzawa. They extend to the west in the Misaka-Tenshu range, which is crescent shaped and embraces a semicircular depression now buried by Mount Fuji. The western extension contains Mount Kenashi (6,381 feet), which is the highest peak in the southern section. Mount Kuro (5,878 feet) crowns the main body of the Tanzawa Mountains.

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