▪ king of Egypt
flourished 16th century BCE

      last king of the 17th dynasty (c. 1630–1540 BCE; see ancient Egypt: The Second Intermediate period (Egypt, ancient)) of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient), who conducted hostilities against the Hyksos, the west Semitic settlers who had seized the northern part of Egypt in the 17th century BCE. Following the death of his father, Seqenenre, Kamose became ruler of the southernmost third of Egypt. In his third year the Hyksos-Egyptian border lay at Cusae, near present-day Asyūṭ, in Middle Egypt, while the separate kingdom of Kush (in present-day Sudan (Sudan, The)) held Nubia south of the First Cataract of the Nile (Nile River).

      Two stelae erected at Karnak recount details of his campaigns against the Hyksos and the Kushites. With a fleet and desert tribal troops from Nubia, he made a surprise attack against the southernmost Hyksos stronghold. Continuing his northward march, Kamose showed no mercy to Egyptians who had made accommodations with the enemy. He also claimed that his fleet captured Hyksos ships laden with weapons and that he sailed past the Hyksos capital itself, in the eastern Nile River delta, where he taunted and insulted the enemy king. About 100 miles (160 km) downstream from Cusae, he captured a Hyksos messenger en route to Kush who was carrying a missive urging the Kushite prince to attack Egypt from the rear. Completely undaunted, Kamose sent a detachment to seize the important Baḥriyyah Oasis and so thwarted his foes. As the campaign season ended, he returned jubilantly to Thebes, defeating rebels who had risen behind him.

      Kamose's name appears in Nubia, at the Second Nile Cataract, beside that of his brother, Ahmose (Ahmose I), who succeeded him. It is therefore possible that Kamose penetrated into Kushite territory. Little else is known about Kamose's reign. Most scholars agree that he did not rule for more than five years.

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