Ji Kang

Ji Kang

▪ Chinese philosopher
Wade-Giles romanization  Chi K'ang,  also called  Xi Kang , courtesy name (zi)  Shuye 
born 224, Qiao state [now in Anhui province], China
died 263, Luoyang [now in Henan province]

      Chinese Daoist philosopher, alchemist, and poet who was one of the most important members of the free-spirited, heavy-drinking Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, a coterie of poets and philosophers who scandalized Chinese society by their iconoclastic thoughts and actions.

      Of influential parentage, Ji received a traditional education, married into the imperial family, and received an appointment as a high official. But he was unconcerned with governmental affairs; his taste ran to chess, dancing, wine, and the lute, in company with six famous friends who gathered in a bamboo grove near his estate.

      Ji's poems and essays, in which he intermingled serious thoughts and humorous descriptions of his own eccentricities, are famous for their Daoist advocacy of transcending morality and institutions to follow nature. He believed that all distinctions between rich and poor, weak and powerful, and right and wrong should be eliminated. To that end, he scandalized Confucians of his day, who believed that the elite should not engage in manual labour, by becoming an accomplished metalworker and busying himself with alchemical studies. But his iconoclasm, as well as his potentially subversive doctrines, proved his undoing; he offended one of the Imperial princes by his lack of ceremony and was denounced to the emperor as a seditious influence. He was condemned to death, and it is said that more than 3,000 of his disciples offered to take his place in paying the supreme penalty. But Ji calmly played his lute as he awaited execution.

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