Jena, Battle of

Jena, Battle of

▪ European history
also called  Battle of Jena-Auerstädt 

      (Oct. 14, 1806), military engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, fought between 122,000 French troops and 114,000 Prussians and Saxons, at Jena and Auerstädt, in Saxony (modern Germany). In the battle, Napoleon smashed the outdated Prussian (Prussia) army inherited from Frederick II the Great, which resulted in the reduction of Prussia to half its former size at the Treaty of Tilsit (Tilsit, Treaties of) in July 1807.

       Frederick William III of Prussia prepared for war after signing a secret alliance with Russia in July 1806. In early October the Prussian-Saxon army, under Charles William Ferdinand (Charles William Ferdinand of Brunswick), duke of Brunswick, moved slowly westward through Saxony in an attempt to threaten Napoleon's communications to the west. Napoleon advanced northward rapidly through the eastern end of the Thuringian Forest to cut the Prussians off from the Elbe River and engage them before their Russian allies could join them. The Prussians had to face about to meet this attack from their rear. Frederick William III placed 63,000 men under Duke Charles William Ferdinand at Auerstädt and about 51,000 under Prince Friedrich Ludwig of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen on a 15-mile (24-kilometre) front between Weimar and Jena.

      Shortly after dawn on October 14, Napoleon, employing only about 54,000 of his 96,000 troops, struck Friedrich Ludwig's 38,000 troops at Jena. By 3 PM he had swept them and 13,000 reinforcements from the field. About 13 miles (21 km) to the north, at Auerstädt, the secondary French force of 26,000, under Louis-Nicolas Davout (Davout, Louis-Nicolas, Duc D'auerstedt, Prince D'eckmühl), encountered Charles William Ferdinand's main Prussian army. The duke dissipated his vastly superior strength in piecemeal attacks, enabling Davout to stand firm for six hours. After the duke was mortally wounded, Frederick William III took command. The Prussians' attack slackened when they heard the news of the French victory at Jena. Davout moved up his artillery to rake the entire Prussian line, and by 4 PM the Prussian army had disintegrated. Davout was later made Duke d'Auerstädt for his extraordinary victory. The double victory of the French cost them about 12,000 casualties to about 24,000 Prussian and Saxon casualties and about 20,000 more captured. Napoleon completed his conquest of Prussia within six weeks, before Russia could act to aid its ally.

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