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 vigorous, inventive, and cosmopolitan architectural style created during the joint reign of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, which in turn formed the basis for the Plateresque style. The Isabelline style is not a pure style in that but few of the buildings created during the decades that it encompasses (c. 1480–c. 1521) represent a true architectural synthesis. Many of the characteristics of later Spanish (and Spanish colonial) architecture in the period of Spain's preeminence, following its successful explorations in the New World, can be traced to the innovations first seen in Isabelline buildings. One of the outstanding architects of the period, Juan Guas (died c. 1496), a Frenchman trained in Flanders, can be credited with introducing two of the most popular features of Spanish ecclesiastical architectural decoration: the interior facade-tribune that spans the nave at the entrance, often functioning as a choir loft, and the elaborately carved high retablo, or altarpiece.

      It is a younger contemporary, Lorenzo Vázquez, born in Segovia but probably (on the basis of his style) trained in Bologna, who is credited with having introduced many of the Italian Renaissance ideas and ornamental motifs into Spanish architecture of the time. Major monuments in the Isabelline style include San Juan de los Reyes, in Toledo; Infantado Palace, in Guadalajara; San Gregorio, in Valladolid; Parral monastery and Santa Cruz, in Segovia; Medinaceli Palace, in Cogolludo; Calahorra Castle, in Granada; and Santa Engracia, in Zaragoza.

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