Inoue Kaoru

Inoue Kaoru

▪ Japanese statesman
in full (from 1907)  Kōshaku (Marquess) Inoue Kaoru 
born Jan. 16, 1835, Nagato province [now in Yamaguchi prefecture], Japan
died Sept. 1, 1915, Tokyo
 one of the elder statesmen ( genro) who ruled Japan during the Meiji period (1868–1912).

      Inoue was born to a samurai family of the Chōshū clan of western Japan and was a close boyhood friend of Itō Hirobumi, who later became Japan's first prime minister. Both wished to rid Japan of foreigners, and they joined an attack on the British legation in Edo (now Tokyo). When this failed they became aware of Japan's powerlessness and decided to study the foreigners firsthand. The two left Japan in 1863 and worked their way to England as ordinary sailors. The following year, when news reached them of a crisis in Japan after their clan had bombarded foreign ships in the Shimonoseki Strait, they hurried home to urge their clansmen and others to seek peace. They failed in this effort, and Inoue was attacked and injured by reactionary samurai.

      With the Meiji Restoration (1868)—which overthrew the Tokugawa clan that had ruled Japan since 1603 and reestablished the formal ruling authority of the emperor—Inoue became a leading member of the government and held important positions in the ministries of finance, industry, and foreign affairs. After Itō became prime minister in 1885, Inoue served successively as foreign minister, minister of the interior, and minister of finance. During the Russo-Japanese War (1904–05) he was named special adviser to the minister of finance and at the request of the emperor attended all important state councils.

      Inoue was closely associated with the financial world and had connections with the giant Mitsui zaibatsu (one of the vast, family-owned financial empires of Japan up to 1945). He retired from active politics in 1898 but continued to have an important influence on the state, remaining until his death one of the genro whose advice the emperor sought on difficult political questions. He was made a marquess in 1907.

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