Immanuel Ben Solomon

Immanuel Ben Solomon

▪ Hebrew poet
, also called  Manoello Giudeo  
born c. 1260
died c. 1328

      Hebrew poet who lived mainly in Rome, considered the founder of secular poetic writing in Hebrew. Probably a wandering teacher by profession, he was a prolific writer of Hebrew verse, sacred and secular (some of the latter being highly erotic), which he collected within a rough narrative framework in Maḥbarot Immanuel (“The Compositions of Immanuel”), frequently published from 1491. The last section of this work consists of a vision of heaven and hell in the style of Dante, composed immediately after the latter's death in 1321. As Manoello Giudeo (Immanuel the Jew), he was known also as a writer of Italian poetry, including an interchange of sonnets with Bosone da Gubbio on Dante's death. Immanuel also wrote philosophical commentaries on certain books of the Bible and introduced the sonnet form, thereafter very popular, into Hebrew.

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