Hiri Motu

Hiri Motu

also called  Police Motu,  Pidgin Motu,  or  Hiri 

       pidgin variety of vernacular Motu, an Austronesian language (Austronesian languages) originally spoken in the area surrounding Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. The name Hiri Motu may have been adopted because of a now-disputed association with hiris, precolonial trade voyages on the Gulf of Papua between Motu people and other ethnic groups. Hiri Motu developed as a lingua franca in the early 20th century and appears to have been a result of attempts by the region's colonizers and their nonindigenous police agents to communicate in Motu with Papua New Guinea's indigenous peoples—hence the language's alternative name of Police Motu. Hiri Motu has since spread from the capital to inland plantations and trade centres.

      Grammatically, it is related to Tok Pisin, although Hiri Motu's constituent order in the sentence allows object–verb–subject sequences instead of a consistent subject–verb–object order, as in raisi bona kuku ia hénia inai tauna se ‘this person gives him rice and tobacco' (literally, ‘rice and tobacco he [ia] gives-it [hén-ia] this man [inai tauna] {subject marker} [se]'). Function words are often postposed to the words they modify, as in ia gáukara oi dekéna ‘he works for you' (literally, ‘he works you [oi] for [dekéna]') and pura hánaihanai ‘every week' (literally, ‘week every').

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