Henry Raspe

Henry Raspe

▪ antiking of Germany

born c. 1202
died Feb. 16, 1247, Wartburg Castle, Thuringia

      landgrave of Thuringia (1227–47) and German anti-king (1246–47) who was used by Pope Innocent IV in an attempt to oust the Hohenstaufen dynasty from Germany.

      On the death of his elder brother Landgrave Louis IV, in 1227, Henry seized power (thus excluding his nephew Hermann II from the succession) and banished Louis's widow, St. Elizabeth, from the Thuringian court. In 1236 he assisted the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II (who had tolerated Henry's usurpation of power in Thuringia) in crushing the rebellion of Frederick II, duke of Austria, of the Babenberg dynasty; he was also one of the 11 princes who elected the Emperor's son Conrad IV as German king at Vienna in 1237.

      In 1238, however, relations between Henry and the Emperor were weakened by Henry's marriage to Gertrude, sister of the childless Frederick of Austria. When the Emperor was excommunicated in March 1239, Henry considered deserting him, but he was persuaded by Siegfried, archbishop of Mainz, who was at that time a supporter of the Emperor, to remain loyal to the imperial cause. Henry was himself consequently excommunicated in the spring of 1240.

      In 1242 the Emperor appointed Henry one of his vice regents in Germany, but Henry made no attempt to discharge his duties, and two years later he deserted the Emperor's cause. At the request of the Pope (who had ordered the deposition of Conrad IV) he was elected German king in May 1246 by an assembly of ecclesiastical princes.

      Henry defeated Conrad near Frankfurt in August 1246, primarily because of treachery in the ranks of Conrad's army. In the winter of 1246–47 Henry mounted an attempt to conquer Swabia, the key to Hohenstaufen power in Germany. In January 1247 he besieged Ulm but failed to capture the city. His health was adversely affected by the rigours of the winter campaign, and he died the following month.

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