Hennig, Willi

Hennig, Willi

▪ German zoologist
born April 20, 1913, Dürrhennersdorf, Saxony, Ger.
died Nov. 5, 1976, Ludwigsburg, W.Ger.

      German zoologist recognized as the leading proponent of the cladistic school of phylogenetic systematics.

      According to this school of thought, taxonomic classifications should reflect exclusively, so far as possible, genealogical relationships. In effect, organisms would be grouped strictly on the basis of the historical sequences by which they descended from a common ancestor. This diverges significantly from evolutionary systematics, the traditional school of thought which holds that taxonomic classifications ought to be based on genetic as well as genealogical affinities. Hennig defined the fundamentals of the new approach in his Grundzüge einer Theorie der phylogenetischen Systematik (1950; Phylogenetic Systematics, 1979) and sought to show that it integrated the methods and aims of biology with those of such disciplines as paleontology, geology, and biogeography (i.e., the study of the distribution and dispersal of organisms).

      Hennig received a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Leipzig in 1947 and then conducted extensive research on the larvae of Diptera (the insect order that includes flies, mosquitoes, and gnats) at the German Entomological Institute in East Berlin. He published the results of his work in a monograph entitled Larvenformen der Dipteren (1952; “Dipterous Larvae”), which became the standard work on the subject. He later extended his studies on dipterans to include those species of the order found in New Zealand, which afforded him the opportunity to apply the principles of cladistic classification to the findings of biogeography. In 1961 Hennig resigned from the institute, where he had served as head of the department of systematic entomology since 1949, in protest of East Germany's erection of the Berlin Wall. Two years later, after having moved to West Germany, he was appointed director of phylogenetic research at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart.

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