Heminge, John

Heminge, John

▪ English actor
Heminge also spelled  Heming, Hemminge or Hemmings  
born c. 1556
died Oct. 10, 1630, London, Eng.

      British actor who, with Henry Condell (Condell, Henry), prepared and oversaw the First Folio (1623), a collection of Shakespeare's plays.

      Heminge was an integral and prosperous member of the theatrical company that eventually became the King's Men in 1603. Though not an exceptional actor, he appeared in numerous plays, including Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour and Volpone, and is thought to have been the first to perform the role of Falstaff. More importantly, Heminge served as the company's business manager, a position he held for more than 25 years; after 1611 he rarely acted. A respected administrator, he was also one of the original proprietors of the Globe and Blackfriars theatres. Along with Henry Condell and Richard Burbage, Heminge was closely associated with Shakespeare (Shakespeare, William) throughout his career. The three are listed among the 26 principal actors in his plays, and he left them token remembrances in his will. In their prefatory letters of dedication to the First Folio, Heminge and Condell make it clear that the book was in part a gesture of love and respect toward their dead friend.

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