any member of either of two similar genera of orchids (family Orchidaceae): Cephalanthera, with about 14 north-temperate species, and Epipactis, with about 21 species native to north-temperate areas, tropical Africa, and Mexico. Epipactis has small, stalked flowers borne drooping on a flexible spike. Cephalanthera has larger, white or bright pink flowers that have no stalks and are held erect. Plants of both genera usually have tall, thin stems and crinkled leaves.

      The most common British species of Cephalanthera is large white helleborine (C. damasonium). It has many long, thick roots. The petals are borne close together, giving the flower a closed appearance. Large white helleborine is self-pollinating and does not require the action of an insect as do other Cephalanthera and Epipactis species. Dune helleborine (Epipactis dunensis) grows along the sandy coasts of Great Britain and northwestern Europe. Marsh helleborine (E. palustris) is found in marshes and wet places throughout Europe. Broad-leaved helleborine (E. helleborine) is a common species in Europe and temperate Asia and has been introduced into the eastern United States. Its flowers are green, whitish green, or reddish purple.

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