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      any of numerous optical devices that aid in aiming a firearm. Its forms include the simple iron sights on pistols and the more complex front and rear sights on target and high-powered sporting rifles. Front sights are usually fixed and rear sights movable so they can be adjusted both for elevation and for windage. When a bullet is fired, air resistance to its spin will warp its course slightly to the right or left, and gravity will pull it downward, producing a trajectory that will take the bullet below and slightly to one side of the point at which the gun barrel is “looking.” Adjusting the sights so that the bullet will strike its target is called “laying” the firearm.

      The first gunsights appeared as early as 1450. They consisted of a bead front sight and a notched standing rear sight. Since then, other designs have allowed great accuracy in situations in which the shooter can take his time in preparing to fire. Yet others, e.g., the open rear sight, allow for aiming and shooting quickly. Special telescopic sights appeared in the 1600s. In 1737, King Frederick the Great of Prussia told of a target shoot in which he used telescopic sights. Snipers' rifles with telescopic sights were used in the U.S. Civil War and World War I. Optical advances in the 20th century led to hugely varied telescopic or “scope” sights in varying powers and often varying ranges of magnification. Heavy tank guns and some kinds of artillery may use telescopic or other optical gunsight devices, but most modern artillery is aimed electronically. Other military developments include sighting devices that illuminate the target with infrared rays and other means for a shooter to “see in the dark.” Radar sighting is used in aircraft and other fire-control systems.

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