Grumbach, Wilhelm von

Grumbach, Wilhelm von

▪ German knight

born June 1, 1503, Rimpar, near Würzburg [Germany]
died April 18, 1567, Gotha, Saxony
 German knight and adventurer who led several attempts by German imperial knights to destroy the power of Germany's territorial princes. Chiefly known through his own quarrels, the so-called Grumbach feuds, he also tried to regain power for the Ernestine branch of the Saxon ruling house.

      About 1540 Grumbach allied himself with Margrave Albert II Alcibiades of Brandenburg, whom he was to serve for more than a decade. Grumbach's chief ambition, however, was to become owner of his lands, which he held in fief from the bishops of Würzburg. In 1547, at an imperial Diet at Augsburg, he had without success demanded independence from their princes for the Franconian (Franconia) knighthood; and in 1552 Albert and he began to plunder Franconia, until their defeat at Sievershausen the following year enabled the bishop of Würzburg to confiscate Grumbach's lands. Grumbach obtained an order of restitution from the imperial court of justice, but he was unable to execute it, and in 1558 some of his followers assassinated the bishop. Grumbach fled to France, and after returning to Germany he pleaded his case unsuccessfully before the Diet at Augsburg in 1559.

      In the meantime, Grumbach had found a new ally in Duke John Frederick II (John Frederick (II)) of Saxe-Weimar, whose father, John Frederick, had been obliged to surrender the electorate of Saxony to the Albertine branch of his family. Grumbach suggested to the duke a general rising of the German imperial knights as a way to recover the electorate. With the duke's support, Grumbach in 1563 captured Würzburg, plundered the city, and compelled the bishop to restore his lands. Grumbach was consequently outlawed by the Holy Roman emperor Ferdinand I, but John Frederick refused to withdraw his protection of him. Meanwhile, Grumbach planned the assassination of the Saxon elector, Augustus, and both sides made alliances throughout Germany in anticipation of conflict. In 1566 John Frederick was also outlawed by the emperor, and Augustus marched on John Frederick's capital, Gotha. A mutiny led to the capture of the city by Augustus' forces, and Grumbach was tortured and executed in the marketplace.

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