Gilbert, John

Gilbert, John

▪ American actor
original name  John Cecil Pringle 
born July 10, 1899, Logan, Utah, U.S.
died January 9, 1936, Los Angeles, Calif.

      romantic leading man of the silent era, known as the “Great Lover.” In retrospect, his acting career has been overshadowed by his identification as the tragic star who failed to make the transition to sound.

      The son of a small-time acting family, Gilbert began his screen career in 1916 as an extra at Inceville, the Los Angeles studio headed by film pioneer Thomas Ince. For eight years, Gilbert toiled at different studios in front of and behind the camera. At first unchallenged by acting, he served as a writer at Paralta studios and then as a production assistant to director Maurice Tourneur. In 1921 he became a featured player at the Fox Film Corporation and then a star shortly after signing a contract in 1924 with the newly formed MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.).

      After Rudolph Valentino (Valentino, Rudolph) died, Gilbert inherited the title of the screen's greatest romantic lover, epitomizing male glamour of the 1920s. Though slender, graceful, and sleek, he suggested virility through the intensity of his love scenes, which he played with exaggerated romantic gestures and impassioned expressions. He reached the heights of his stardom when cast opposite his real-life lover Greta Garbo in three successive screen romances: Flesh and the Devil (1926), Love (1927), and A Woman of Affairs (1928). It is his more subtle performance in the classic antiwar drama The Big Parade (1925), however, that has stood the test of time.

      Much speculation exists as to why Gilbert did not make the transition to sound films. Early accounts characterized his voice as being “high-pitched” or “prissy,” which did not match his image as the Great Lover. Yet his voice quality in such sound films as Queen Christina (1933) belies that explanation. Revisionist historians consider the MGM executive Louis B. Mayer (Mayer, Louis B) the person responsible for ending Gilbert's career. Mayer despised the rebellious and womanizing Gilbert and allegedly sabotaged the actor's early sound work by saddling him with inferior material. More recent accounts suggest that Gilbert's performance style was too presentational and old-fashioned and his enunciation too clipped for sound films. In addition, the costume melodramas with which he had been associated in silent films were out of style by the dawn of the sound era. Consequently, the public quickly found other idols, and Gilbert lost his box office power. Ill feelings between Mayer and Gilbert exacerbated the situation as Mayer did nothing to help Gilbert construct a new image for a new age.

      Whatever the exact cause, Gilbert's career path provides an example of the worst effects of the Hollywood star system, which touted image over talent.

Additional Reading
Leatrice Gilbert Fountain, Dark Star: The Meteoric Rise and Eclipse of John Gilbert (1985).

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