Gemayel Family

Gemayel Family

▪ Lebanese family
      Maronite Christian family prominent in Lebanese politics before and after the start of that country's civil war in 1975.

      Pierre Gemayel (b. Nov. 1/6, 1905, Bikfaya?, Leb.—d. Aug. 29, 1984, Bikfaya) was born into a Christian family already powerful in the region immediately north of Beirut. He attended St. Joseph University in Beirut and trained as a pharmacist. On a visit to Berlin to attend the 1936 Olympic Games, he was so impressed by the spirit and discipline of Nazi youth groups that on his return to Lebanon he helped found the right-wing authoritarian youth movement called the Phalange. He became the leader of the Phalange Party in 1937, retaining that position until 1980. This party became the political arm of the largest Christian community in Lebanon, the Maronites. Pierre was first elected to the Lebanese Parliament in 1960 and held several Cabinet posts during the 1960s. He ran unsuccessfully for the presidency (which was traditionally held by a Christian) in 1964 and 1970. When the civil war broke out in 1975, Gemayel led the powerful Phalangist militia in their clashes with Lebanese Muslims and Palestinian fighters. He was instrumental in creating a large, militarily secure Christian enclave north of Beirut and became Lebanon's preeminent Christian political chieftain.

      Pierre's youngest son, Bashir Gemayel (b. Nov. 10, 1947, Bikfaya—d. Sept. 14, 1982, Beirut), emerged during the fighting of the late 1970s as the able and ruthless leader of the Phalangist militia. Bashir unified the military forces of the Maronite community in 1980 after launching several murderous surprise attacks on rival Christian militias. He formally took over control of the Phalangist Party from his father in 1980. Bashir was elected president of Lebanon by the Parliament in August 1982 in the face of opposition by many of the country's Muslims, who disliked his close association with sectarian violence. Bashir was assassinated in a bomb explosion 10 days before he was due to take office.

      Bashir's older brother, Amin Gemayel (b. 1942, Bikfaya), was elected president of Lebanon a week after Bashir died. In contrast to his warlike brother, Amin had shown himself to be conciliatory toward the other religious groups in Lebanon during his 12 years as a member of the Lebanese Parliament (1970–82). He had been trained as a lawyer and had overseen the Phalangist Party's vast business interests while Bashir led the party's militia. As president, however, the ineffective Amin proved no more successful than his predecessors in securing an agreement between Lebanon's warring groups that would end the country's civil war.

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