▪ king of Jerusalem
byname  Fulk the Younger , French  Foulques le Jeune 
born 1092
died November 1143, Acre, Palestine [now ʿAkko, Israel]

      count of Anjou and Maine as Fulk V (1109–31) and king of Jerusalem (1131–43).

      Son of Fulk IV the Surly and Bertrada of Montfort, he was married in 1109 to Arenburga of Maine. Fulk exerted his control over his vassals and was later caught up in dynastic quarrels between the French and English kings. In 1128 his son Geoffrey Plantagenet (Geoffrey IV) married Matilda, daughter of Henry I of England, and became the progenitor of England's branch of the Angevin (Angevin empire) dynasty. Fulk first visited Palestine in 1120 and returned in 1129 to marry Melisende, daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

      Fulk became king of Jerusalem on Baldwin II's death in 1131 and spent the first year of his reign settling a dispute in Antioch (Turkey) and putting down a revolt led by his wife's lover, Hugh of Le Puiset. In 1137 he allied himself with the Byzantines against a Turkish leader, ʿImād ad-Dīn Zangī (Zangī), of Mosul (Iraq), and in 1140 helped the Muslims of Damascus ward off Zangī's armies. He protected Jerusalem in the south by constructing a series of fortresses, including Krak des Chevaliers. He was killed in a hunting accident in November 1143.

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