Low·lands (lōʹləndz)
A region of Scotland lying south of the Highlands.
  Lowʹland adj. Lowʹland·er n.

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n [pl]
the region of Scotland south and east of the Highlands. It has flatter countryside and a larger population.
See also Lallans.

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also called  Scottish Lowlands 

      cultural and historical region of Scotland, comprising the portion of the country southeast of a line drawn from Dumbarton to Stonehaven; northwest of the line are the Highlands. Traditionally, the Lowlands were distinguished by the use of the Scots language (considered a dialect or close relative of English) in contrast to the Scottish Gaelic (a Celtic language) spoken in the Highlands. The Lowlands, as a cultural area, include two main topographic regions: the Midland Valley (or Central Lowlands) and the Southern Uplands (of southern Scotland).

      The term Lowlands is sometimes used in a more restricted sense to refer specifically to the Midland Valley. Much of this area, which has a characteristic structure of sedimentary rocks with coal deposits, lies within the basins of the Rivers Forth and Clyde. Historically, this valley has been the most agriculturally productive region of Scotland. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, coal deposits promoted concentrated industrial activity and urbanization in the Midland Valley, where 80 percent of the population of Scotland now live. While coal mining and heavy industry have declined in the region, it remains at the centre of the Scottish economy, with electronics and computer manufacture and service sectors such as telecommunications, computer software, and finance.

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