Field, David Dudley

Field, David Dudley

▪ American lawyer

born Feb. 13, 1805, Haddam, Conn., U.S.
died April 13, 1894, New York City
 U.S. lawyer whose advocacy of law codification had international influence. The “Field Code” of civil procedure, enacted by New York state in 1848, was subsequently adopted in whole or in part in many other U.S. states, in the federal court system, and in England, Ireland (both 1873), and several British overseas possessions, notably India. He was the brother of the financier Cyrus W. Field.

      After attending Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., Field was admitted to the bar in 1828 and practiced in New York City. In 1837 he began a campaign for reform of the New York judicial system. Ten years later the state legislature appointed him to a pleading and practice commission, which, with Field as chief draftsman, prepared a civil procedure code and later a code of criminal procedure. Next he was appointed chairman of a commission for codifying the entire body of New York law, substantive as well as procedural. Ultimately he was responsible for five “Field codes,” which were adopted completely by California (where his brother Stephen J. Field was then a state supreme court justice) but only in part by New York. He also prepared Draft Outlines of an International Code (1872).

      As a practicing attorney, Field had some clients who led him into dubious actions. He was nearly disbarred for his activities on behalf of the financiers Jay Gould (Gould, Jay) and James Fisk (Fisk, James) in their struggle with Cornelius Vanderbilt for control of the Erie Railroad (late 1860s). He also was counsel (1873–78) for the notorious New York City politician William Magear (“Boss”) Tweed (Tweed, William Magear).

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