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  • asymptotically — adverb toward an asymptote (Freq. 1) it grew asymptotically • Derived from adjective: ↑asymptotic …   Useful english dictionary

  • Asymptotically flat spacetime — An asymptotically flat spacetime is a Lorentzian manifold in which, roughly speaking, the curvature vanishes at large distances from some region, so that at large distances, the geometry becomes indistinguishable from that of Minkowski… …   Wikipedia

  • Asymptotically optimal — In computer science, an algorithm is said to be asymptotically optimal if, roughly speaking, for large inputs it performs at worst a constant factor (independent of the input size) worse than the best possible algorithm. It is a term commonly… …   Wikipedia

  • asymptotically — adverb see asymptote …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • asymptotically — adverb In an asymptotical manner, in the way of an asymptote …   Wiktionary

  • asymptotically — adv. approaching but but never intercepting a curve (Mathematics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • asymptotically — as·ymp·tot·i·cal·ly …   English syllables

  • asymptotic — asymptotically, adv. /as im tot ik/, adj. Math. 1. of or pertaining to an asymptote. 2. (of a function) approaching a given value as an expression containing a variable tends to infinity. 3. (of two functions) so defined that their ratio… …   Universalium

  • Big O notation — In mathematics, big O notation is used to describe the limiting behavior of a function when the argument tends towards a particular value or infinity, usually in terms of simpler functions. It is a member of a larger family of notations that is… …   Wikipedia

  • Gravitational instanton — In mathematical physics and differential geometry, a gravitational instanton is a four dimensional complete Riemannian manifold satisfying the vacuum Einstein equations. They are so named because they are analogues in quantum theories of gravity… …   Wikipedia

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